SOUND: Equipment And Pre-Recording


  1. Provide all equipment
  2. Record voiceovers, format musical score into running dialog
  3. Do everything related to the recorded word and sound, move with locations


1. (New) Find out if we can use the lapel mics from Eagle Valley Elementary.
2. (New) How many people on stage at a time will need to have mic's?
3. (New) Are there areas of the re-enactments that we will still need to record voiceovers, since most of the re-enactments will be live?
4. (New) Work with Carla Williams with final CD she is putting together to integrate the sound into the re-enactments, etc
5. (New) Finalize an area for the "Sound Crew" to set up all the equipment for the mixer board, etc nearby the stage that is close enough to power sources for the audio speaker cords, power cords, etc. (preferably close by or under the Pavilion?)
6. (New) Who is the person(s) spearheading the "Media" section? Work with them to make sure we have the Ward's video presentations integrated with our sound sytem working properly. (Will the "Media" group have the Digital Projector & Screen to show each Ward's presentations? Can we show them up on the stage?)

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